The new gourmet outdoor spot to spend your summer!

The new gourmet outdoor spot to spend your summer!

Posted on May. 11, 2017, at 09:01 am

When a mythical place meets Eyal Shani’s sous-chef and a trendy cocktail bar, how does it look like? Well, it turns into Yavne 31, the new bar restaurant where well informed Tel Avivim are gathering since a couple weeks. 

The concept? Tropicaly Trendy. On the terrasse neon lights are used as art, school furniture make a comfy seating and equatorial trees give a Miami feeling… the setting of a steamy evening!

Inside, the chef, Guy Benaroch offers a menu that gathers every foodie of the White City, which is not very surprising when we know his mentor was the king of Tel Aviv, Eyal Shani! Smoked leeks topped with a mozzarella mix, pasta flavored with Zaatar and spicy chili or even fish surprise dish, you’ll find all of this delish!

Wait this is not over, the shaker master serves you unpredictable blends while the Dj rise up your mood. Before leaving don’t forget to taste the unique dessert of the house: a giant marshmallow bonfire style to remind you of your childhood. That’s it, we don’t need to add more, you already understood this is going to be your summer hood.

Yavne 31 Community Club, located at 31 Yavne st. is open every day from 7.30PM. Don’t forget to book a table before at 03 682 1888.

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