When Asia meets the Mediterranean

When Asia meets the Mediterranean

Posted on Jan. 14, 2016, at 09:57 am

Tel Aviv became since a couple years the actual meeting point of culinary experiments. In this city food is like people, it comes from all over the world and brought along all kind of flavors. When visiting Topolopompo you understand how far can you go in terms of mixing and matching, this restaurant took the best of both world directly into its kitchen: the spices of Korea with the sweetness of the Mediterranean. 


This temple to Asian gastronomy, which the name means “Dragon’s Fire” in Korean, is a  flavorful paradise for the city’s gourmets. With a gold and dark set up, Topolopompo invites you for an amazing culinary trip.

Between the hard-working cooks, of Asian background, and the traditional music playing softly, the only way to remember you are still in Tel Aviv is by enjoying the view of the Azrieli Towers available at Topolopompo’s location.

This unexpected and colorful menu invites you to share delicious dishes and moments. We recommend the Tuna Ceviche and its tomato cream, you’ll be charmed by the mix between the freshness of the fish and the sweet yet lightly spicy sauce. If you feel like meat, the Mandarin-style Crispy Chicken is a must-try, even if it is a little spicy.

Not only they provide deliveries, they also offer every day at noon, business lunches. Some nice options for delicious meals at a reasonable price (except Friday and Saturday).


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