Those unique weddings you'll only see in Tel Aviv

Those unique weddings you'll only see in Tel Aviv

Posted on Jul. 19, 2016, at 08:44 am

July in Tel Aviv, a month famous for it’s hot and humid days, long summer nights and chaotic wedding season! We know the feeling: walking into the same, unoriginal wedding ceremony then eating the same, unoriginal catered food at the reception. So, if you want to make your wedding unforgettable for you and your guests, we know just the things that will make your guests say, “YES” to help celebrate your special day in the Non Stop city. Custom wedding professionals, R&S Eventime, threw us some out-of-the-box wedding ideas found only in Tel Aviv that will make your wedding the most memorable.


MoranMayan-3-83 copy

Moran Mayan

Get married in the street. Yes, you read that right! And not just any street: a street in the heart of Florentine! This is guaranteed to personalize your long-awaited moment and make your wedding stand out from all the rest. Under a handmade Chuppah, your guests will celebrate your union and shower you in compliments and kisses. Your decorations will compare to no one else’s since yours will include the colorful and creative street art that brightens the walls of this district in south Tel Aviv. So if you’re looking to have an outdoor, hipster wedding, this is just the spot for you.

If you feel like getting married in the street, click here.


איל נועה-78 copy


No Louis IX or Stark designed chairs; wedding halls in Israel rarely offer the finest of furnishings. But for those with a taste for fancy fixtures, we’ve got just the thing! What would you say if we told you that you could celebrate your special day in the trendiest furniture store in Tel Aviv? At Kastiel, an internationally renowned furniture design store in south Tel Aviv, you take full control of the space and get to paint your own portrait of the perfect wedding environment. You are free to adorn the place with ultra-stylish furniture and decorative elements. The cherry on top: the store has a small and private garden for an airy and cheerful Chuppah.

If you feel like getting married in one of the trendiest stores in Tel Aviv, click here.



Circus Catering

We’re not going to lie: after a few dances to the summer hits, your guests are going to sit at the table starving and ready to indulge in a delectable, nearly perfect dinner. So to silence all the déjà vu critics and surprise your guests with an original, gourmet meal, we suggest you put gourmet ‘menu of madness’ Miznon chef Eyal Shani in charge of the menu. With his catering service Circus or his Miznon-style kiosks, Shani breaks all the rules to serve your guests a decadent buffet of Israeli flavors, seasoned with a one-of-a-kind talent.

To taste chef Eyal Shani’s marvels at your wedding, click here.



Credit : Atlantis (illustration)

The sun is slowly falling asleep on the horizon and the sea is slyly creeping its way onto the shore, as if to invite a light Mediterranean breeze onto the shore…stop dreaming because this is reality! No need to provide shuttles to your guests 3 hours early. This wedding on the waterfront is just a short walk from Tel Aviv-Yafo. On the sand of the charming Bat Yam, you will be able to hold a private beach ceremony and say your “I do”’s among your closest friends and family. Just make sure to remind your guests not to wear high heels!

To experience your ceremony in the sand of southern Tel Aviv, click here.


Rabin Brodale Roberto Falck Photography

Roberto Falck Photography (illustration)

There is no symbol more beautiful than the vines of Israel to beautify a wedding with a pleasant, natural aura. In this exceptional spot located less than 30 minutes from Tel Aviv, you can say your vows under a Chuppah overlooking the fresh fruits bathing in sunlight. And how are you going to dance, you ask? No worries, a dance floor is specially equipped in this natural scenery for a night of celebration in the vineyards of Zion.

To wed among wine and grapes, click here.

This summer and throughout the year, R&S Eventime offers the energy and expertise of its two wedding planners, Ravit and Sophie, to help transform your dream wedding into a reality. To get in touch with them and learn more about unique weddings in Israel, visit their website, their Facebook Page or contact them at 054 351 5747.

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