We tasted the gastronomic tomato Hamburger

We tasted the gastronomic tomato Hamburger

Posted on Jul. 20, 2015, at 07:16 pm

Imagine you’re going to McDonald’s and taste Michelin-acclaimed  Chef’s dishes. In Tel Aviv, they say that anything can happen. Thanks to Israeli chef Moshik Roth, rated two stars in the Michelin Guide, McDonald’s now features three vegetarian recipes where tomato-base replaces meat.

Everything starts with a simple, commonly-used vegetable- the tomato – in a world-reknowned recipe. Israeli chef, Moshik Roth, now proudly wears the badge of McTomato at the Golden Arches.


Hamburger, Crispyburger and Nuggets, all tomato-based are offered in this unique collaboration between a chef (Samhoodplaces Restaurant in Amsterdam) and the famous, multi-national American Fast Food brand.


For now, only this fast food restaurant, located along the Tayelet, is offering these kind of menu items in Tel Aviv. If deemed successful, these recipes could be served all over the country.

Close your eyes and take a bite of this vegetarian exquisiteness. Does it taste like tomato? Not at all. Its aroma is the same as smoked and tender meat, yet it could deceive even the strongest of senses.

*Vegetarian steak composed of tomatoes, beetroots, cheese and lettuce.

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McDonald's x Chef Moshik Roth