We tasted the first 100% real French creperie in Tel Aviv

We tasted the first 100% real French creperie in Tel Aviv

Posted on Feb. 08, 2016, at 10:49 am

If we had to describe this place with only one word, we would use WOOW, and it would be deserved! We know you well, and we can imagine you thinking “What the hell”, we decided to give you more details about this new foodie discovery and satisfy your curiosity: a real French crepe restaurant, coming directly from Brittany, were crepes were first born. Here are all the secrets of this new joint full of sweet and savory delicacies. 

תומר אפלבאום

First of all, you have to bear in mind that patience should be your friend over there, but it’s a good way to make sure you’re starving enough to taste these French marvels. La crêperie Bretonne is getting the foodies’ attention since a couple weeks and a line of hungry Tel Avivim is standing in front of the place on ibn Gvirol.

Why is this place that successful? A real traditional crepe base (gluten free) made from Buckwheat Flour, which we can see for the first time in an Israeli restaurant. This set, the restaurant offers a menu with some amazing recipes to order.

אנטולי מיכאלו

How to resist to our favorite pick, the one with artichoke, truffle oil, crystallized lemon and emmental? But this is not the only one, our heart also set on the smoked Mozzarella, potatoes, spinach, garlic and chili one. Everything is made with such attention for details and taste that it’s almost impossible to choose something you don’t like.


On the sweet side of the road, La crêperie Bretonne, is doing it all the way too, obviously they use another base (with gluten this time) made from white flour, almond milk and a hint of vanilla. You’ll find every simple crepes like the Nutella one that you can find in any place, but you will also find some special creations such as the tarte tatin style one, the salted caramel one or even the pear and almond one, and so on…

תומר אפלבאום 3

And we kept the best part for the end, all of this even sounds better with some apple cider coming all the way from Normandy to keep your mouth watery in between sweet and savory.

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La Crêperie Bretonne
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