We found out the secret of the Tel Avivi flute artist

We found out the secret of the Tel Avivi flute artist

Posted on Apr. 04, 2016, at 11:15 am

Wether it is on social networks or on a simple pole you’ve already seen him in the city. We are talking about this acrobat that mixes music with unpredictable moves all over town. You can’t miss him, he’s always wearing an overall and has a flute almost attached to his mouth. Do you wonder what popped up into his mind before he started his daily streets shows? Well we found out the truth. 

Let us introduce you to Meir Aviner, the air musician of Tel Aviv. This fairly grown up Tel Avivi kid likes to swing in the trees of the White City and sprinkle music with guitare or is flute.


Photo/ Shlomi Yossef

He’s neither a beggar or a crazy hipster, he just started this awkward activity after breaking one of is most expensive instruments. Why? he needed to make some money to replace it and decided to have fun in the meantime, this is the story of how a simple musician became an acrobat as well.

Wether he is up in the trees or on any pole, he sings, states poems and plays anythings he likes with his guitars.

Now that you e-met him, don’t hesitate to share a moment or just a smile with him when you cross his path.

Main Picture | Mario Troiani

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