The vintage market of Kikar Dizengoff moved

The vintage market of Kikar Dizengoff moved

Posted on Jun. 15, 2017, at 09:42 am

There’s no secret, Dizengoff Square has been in the middle of an intense facelift for a couple months. It’s getting ready for a brand new beautiful style. Here is an article dedicated to the ones who loved the vintage market that used to take place there. Follow our lead, we’re taking you to its new spot.

Forget about Dizengoff Square! During the renovation, all of these knick-knacks have settled at Giveon Square. All of the treasures you’re looking for are waiting for you here, twice a week, in the middle of this old, faded courtyard surrounded by two brand new buildings made of glass.

You’ll be able to browse through old 1948 newspapers announcing the Independence of the State of Israel while admiring some survivors of a porcelain set. “Kama zé olé ?” It’s time to start bargaining!

The vintage market of Tel Aviv is taking place every Tuesdays from 10AM to 6PM and on Fridays from 7AM to 4PM at Kikar Give’on.

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