The most underground spot in Tel Aviv is a bar run by a Breslov Rabbi

The most underground spot in Tel Aviv is a bar run by a Breslov Rabbi

Posted on Dec. 08, 2016, at 09:00 am

We weren’t quite sure if the title would intrigue you or worry you, but what we do know is that the place we are unveiling is definitely daring! Behind the great synagogue of Tel Aviv, that has become the meeting point for all the hipsters over these past years, you’ll find a spot worth giving a shot. The place is owned by a kind of Breslov style Rabbi, that had a crazy dream for a while: mixing the best of Tel Aviv’s night life with Rabbi Nahman’s philosophy. We lost you along the way? Well it’s only the beginning of what you’ll read today!

Whether they are religious or not, celebrities or Hassidics, they are all gathering here for the same matter: dancing till the night is over… Welcome to Hithavut (“becoming” in Hebrew) – the most underground spot in Tel Aviv. Launched 2 years ago by Yuval Dayan, half rabbi-half hipster, this bar is the most inspiring you’ll find in Israel by far.


Guitars and torahs are living in harmony for a crazy night in the Non Stop City. And this is all thanks to Yuval, who juggles these two with surprising ease; to him they are both a source of joy and life.


You’re wondering what is the young Telavivian crowd looking for over there? Well, eating (Kosher and Mezonot), listening to a lecture, and dancing over music that the best Djs in town try to copy! A cup of Breslov, a spoonful of food, and a good amount of music; what else do you need?


Hithavut, located at Ehad Aam 23, is open on Tuesdays and Thursdays beginning at 9.30PM for a class followed by a concert. On Sundays and Mondays, a more intense class is offered at 8PM. Entrance is allowed to anyone, but dances and songs are only allowed for men (except on special women evenings).



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