Two floors of gastronomic pleasure

Two floors of gastronomic pleasure

Posted on Apr. 12, 2015, at 12:17 pm

There are few restaurants in Tel Aviv created by a Michelin starred chef that succeed in telling you two delicious stories in one evening. Aria succeeded, the restaurant is taking place in a small house and offers you a surprising evening within two floors that are quite exciting.

With its high quality cocktail bar on the first floor, and its gastronomic restaurant on the second, the Aria, led by chef Gamzo, takes you on a sensorial voyage with its unexpected creations.IMG_8071.1-1

Foie-gras juice cocktail, fresh pasta with black truffle shavings, or white chocolate cream nougat make up the menus of these two floors, dedicated to delicacies in all their forms.

Not to be missed! DJ performances or live jazz groups bring nights to life on the 1st floor (bar) for a luxurious and relaxing moment before or after your meal.


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Aria Restaurant & Bar