Top 9 eateries for meat-lovers in Tel Aviv

Top 9 eateries for meat-lovers in Tel Aviv

Posted on Aug. 01, 2016, at 10:00 am


Calling carnivores from near and far, we have found your very own heaven and it’s not too bizarre. Tucked into one of the first houses built in Neve Tzedek, in this unique stone-crusted building mimicking Jerusalem-style architecture, Makom Shel Basar is truly “the place for meat.”

Inside the restaurant are two hidden rooms: one for the aging of the finest cuts of meat and the second, a well-stocked room with meats galore. And for the glaze atop your filet: you can enjoy your meal on the small terrace overlooking Neve Tzedek, adding the tastiest touch of tenderness to your steak. We think Makom Shel Basar lives up to its name and we know you will agree.

Makom Shel Basar

64 Shabazi Street, Neve Tzedek, Tel Aviv


Website Montages-Makom

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