Top 9 eateries for meat-lovers in Tel Aviv

Top 9 eateries for meat-lovers in Tel Aviv

Posted on Aug. 01, 2016, at 10:00 am


Around the corner from Shuk Hapishpishim in Yafo, on Olei Zion street, the aromas of smoked meat fill the air. In this authentic grill house, everything is homemade to meet the highest gastronomic standards.

To mimic the traditional tastes of BBQ, this meat-lover’s haven cooks and smokes its meat on low heat for several days. Exotic sauces add a hint of flavor and grilled vegetables decorate your plate, accompanied by the finest locally-grown meat.

And when you’re ready to wash it all down, the restaurant offers your favorite imported beers that you won’t be able to resist. For good smells and better tastes, we suggest you put this place on your list and then your dinner plate.

Pundak De Luxe

7 Olei Zion Street, Jaffa




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