Top 9 eateries for meat-lovers in Tel Aviv

Top 9 eateries for meat-lovers in Tel Aviv

Posted on Aug. 01, 2016, at 10:00 am

Filets, Sirloins and Strip Steaks, oh my! Treat your tummy to something so tender and savory, your taste buds will smile for days. Whether you have the appetite of a hungry wolf or a baby bunny, these 9 restaurants will have your mouth watering and stomach begging for more. A warning to all the vegetarian souls reading this: stop now, for your own sake and sanity.


Everyone knows Shuk Hacarmel. But often, many people forget the streets that parallel this buzzing market. Just a few meters away lies the best butcher shop in Tel Aviv, Meat Market, where meat is bought by weight and eaten on a plate.

Directly from the stands, Meat Market shows off its masterpiece meats, including slabs of steak and extravagant filets. The chef then picks the supreme steaks and puts them on the grill to create his works of edible art.

And to make sure you get the full experience, we will spoil their specialty: Arayes, half a pita filled with perfectly-seasoned ground meat then grilled together on the plancha for a tasteful treat. We promise it’s worth every delectable bite.

M25 Meat Market

Simtat HaCarmel St. 30




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