TOP 5 - Where to eat for less than 30₪ in Tel Aviv

TOP 5 - Where to eat for less than 30₪ in Tel Aviv

Posted on Oct. 26, 2015, at 09:20 pm

With all the seasonal expenses (back to school shopping, visiting friends and weddings!) we can’t really say that we’ve been saving up this month! In order for you to keep it cool until the end of the month (or the year) without stopping to eat, we selected the top 5 places were you can get a full meal for less than 30₪. Reading is saving!

GARGAR AZAAV  | 30 Levinsky st.


If you like Houmous and Tehini in a tapas style, this place is the best! The menu offers fresh salads, vegetable fries, houmous and falafel among many other middle-eastern delicacies. Get 3 dishes and your meal will be more than full, for 23₪ only! And because it’s better this way, you’ll get free turkish coffee or tea to finish.

MCDONALD’S | Find the adresses here

It is well known that the Israeli McDonald’s is one of the most expensive in the world. For any regular meal combination it’s around 50₪. Now you’re wondering why are we talking about it since it’s supposed to be under 30₪? Well we found the perfect trick! the Happy Meal! It’s 28₪ and you’ll have a little burger (Fish or Meat), large fries, a large drink and even a fruit puree for your desert… and a toy, what a great deal!

LAFA | Sarona market


Do you like wraps? You’ll love the Eastern version made by Israeli Druze women. The Lafa is made with dough cooked in a round oven and filled with Labahne (fresh fromage blanc), Zahtar (typical Middle-Eastern spice) and a hint of olive oil. The best to eat like a local for less than 20₪.

COFIX  כשר | Find the addresses here 


Cofix is the Israeli discount reference with its coffee that only cost 5₪, it also offers hot dishes and nice sandwiches for low prices. Asian noodles, salmon sandwiches or even cheese borekas, everything for a unique price of 5₪. For an on the go lunch, it sounds perfect : a starter + a main course + a desert + a drink for only 20₪.

ZUPPA | 19 Ehad Aam St.


We don’t know if you realized it yet but the winter is coming up bringing along the rain, the wind and the coldest weather. In order to heat up the atmosphere with a grand-mother style soup, don’t even bother wondering, just go to Zuppa. This is the Soup Fast Food but flavored every day with a new savor and for 28₪ the medium bowl. And when it will be too cold to move, you can get it delivered!

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