Top 5 video recipes to cook like a Tel Avivi

Top 5 video recipes to cook like a Tel Avivi

Posted on Mar. 16, 2016, at 09:58 am

You’ve probably seen them, they are everywhere on our Facebook feeds. We are talking about these fast motion, design videos that make you want to cook all day. You know us, if it’s trendy and we can make it Tel Avivi, we will share it with you, so here is a selection of the best video recipes you should follow to feel as tasty as the Non Stop City!


This is THE most famous dish of the Israeli Chef Eyal Shani. He serves it in his worldwide known Street Food restaurant, Miznon. It is so simple, you won’t understand why you didn’t make it before!



This is the national dish. It’s creamy and if you add a spoon full of Olive Oil, you’ll have the perfect appetizer to start any Tel Avivian diner.


This one came up with the Turkish Alyah a long time ago and became one of the top sour pastry for you to eat at anytime of the day. You can fill it with any mediterranean style ingredient of your choice.



No need to explain much about this key dish, you already know the main ingredients: cooked tomatoes and caramelized peppers topped with eggs. Here is a video to rock your breakfast with it this delicacy.



A very simple recipe, healthy and fresh: the israeli salad is everywhere. Here is a video to make sure you have the best cutting and seasoning method.

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