Top 5 restaurants for deliveries in Tel Aviv

Top 5 restaurants for deliveries in Tel Aviv

Posted on Apr. 14, 2016, at 10:11 am



If you ever went out to party like a real Tel Avivi, you know about this place already. Tony Vespa has a simple concept: you choose pizzas, you cut, you weight and you taste. Easy, but since a couple weeks ago, not only… they now offer full delivery! Just imagine, you can have the pizza but you don’t even need to party! From dream to reality.

Estimated waiting time: 90 min max

To order: call *2045

Tony Vespa | 140 Rothschild Bd

Don’t forget that in Tel Aviv the service is never included. Make sure you have a couple shekels to give around 10-12% from the total amount.

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