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Top 5 brunches to enlighten your weekends in Tel Aviv

Top 5 brunches to enlighten your weekends in Tel Aviv

Posted on Mar. 03, 2016, at 11:20 am

You thought you had seen everything with the Isreali breakfasts scene? Well it’s probably because you’ve never tasted the amazing brunches Tel Aviv fixes for you. Whether it is a buffet style or directly to your table, here are the 5 must go places for an unforgettable week end in the city. 



It is the new gastronomic phenomenon of Tel Aviv. You should expect a 2 weeks waiting list before getting a chance to sit and eat in this temple of jewish food. Shakshouka, Latkes and all kind of salades, houmous and home made grandmother style dishes are cooked with love and the perfect amount of spices. The place offers an unlimited buffet and juices for you to start the weekend in the best mood ever.

Aahim | 12 Ibn Gvirol st. – 03-691-7171

Unlimited Buffet with juices and a hot drink 85₪/personne

Friday and Saturdays from 9AM to 1PM 



Welcome in a colonial empire style set up, with silverware and perfect service for you to enjoy a high level brunch. You can eat on a table or at the bar and you have the choice between classical continental brunch formulas or more middle eastern ones. Eggs, fresh juices or even muesli and pastries, every brunch is served with warm breads, home made jams and exquisite butter.

Hotel Montefiore, 36 Montefiore St. – 03-564-6100

Brunch formulas between 60₪ and 80₪.

Fridays from 9AM to 5PM and Saturdays from 9AM to 1PM



You just need to enter this place to go back 50 years in the past. This restaurant is a tradition in Tel Aviv’s brunch history, it opened in 1962 and welcomes its 3rd generation of Birnbaum. The brunch takes place every friday mornings (Kosher of course) and offers a unlimited buffet with around 30 salades and slow cooked dishes that only Tel Aviv jewish moms have the secret of. The cherry on the top, this place is Kosher and Vegan in the meantime, how can it get more Tel Avivi.

Café Birnbaum | 31 Nachalat Binyamin st. – 03-560-0066

Unlimited buffet of salades and dishes (vegan and Koser) 50₪/personne

Fridays only from 10AM to 3PM


credit : Sarit Goffen

credit : Sarit Goffen

What about a brunch in Italy this week? Cicchetti is a small restaurant located a couple blocks away from Rothschild Boulevard and offering an Italian style brunch. Grilled season veggies, pizzeta with an egg, spinach and mascarpone on the top, every thing you need for you to feel Italy without moving from the White City.

Ciccheti | 58 Yehouda Halevi st. – 03-685-3499

Fridays and Saturdays from 12PM to 4PM



During the week, this place is a chic and gastronomic canteen, but the weekend the Brasserie offers one of the most attractive brunch of Tel Aviv. The formula suggests exclusive dishes such as Norwegian or Creole-style eggs, mille-feuille leek and the famous Salmon Gravlax. To make sure your mouth doesn’t dry while you eat, you’ll be able to choose a cocktail (alcool or fruit juice) AND a hot drink. Bon Appetit!

La Brasserie | 70 ibn Gvirol st. – 03-696-7111

Brunches between 60₪ to 80₪.

Fridays from 9AM to 5PM and Saturdays from 9AM to 1PM

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