The tightwad's city guide to Tel Aviv

The tightwad's city guide to Tel Aviv

Posted on Sep. 13, 2016, at 10:00 am

Don’t pretend it’s shocking. We all know we’ve thought about it at some point. None of us (or almost none of us) are cheap, but… when you’re living in a country where groceries are so expensive they ask you how many payments you want to make for them… Well, we begin to wonder where we can go without breaking the bank. Is that really such a crime? We’ll just write down some tips for you, and you can use them or pretend like you don’t care, but they’ll still be here later.



Turn on aisle Bograshov for apples, then head towards aisle Frishman for lemons, and don’t forget to walk by aisle Ben Yehouda before finishing your shopping. You think we are giving out the best streets to buy fruits in Tel Aviv and suggesting you actually go to each one for a specific need? No, we are suggesting you should pay attention to your surroundings more. The streets of the White City offer you fruit trees everywhere; and if that doesn’t sound like paradise, what does? Coincidence… we don’t know. Regardless, here is a map of all the places you can find fruit trees for free.


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