The ones that make Tel Aviv so special

The ones that make Tel Aviv so special

Posted on Jan. 12, 2015, at 04:02 pm

There is a powerful kind of energy that is lingering in Tel Aviv. It is brought to life by men and women that build the White City with their awe-inspiring creativity.

It’s because they are important and set out every day to make Tel Aviv an even better place on a daily basis that we decided to honor them in ‘Faces in Tel Aviv’. This photo book will allow you to discover, every week, the faces that leave a mark on the White City.

If you want to PARTICIPATE in our project, send us the contact details of people you know who you believe use their passion to make the city more and more beautiful and unique every single day.

[HOW TO PARTICIPATE ?] Tag a specific individual/s who you think are making Tel Aviv a unique place in the comment section of this post , or send us their contact information by e-mail to:

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