The trendiest second-hand stores of Tel Aviv

The trendiest second-hand stores of Tel Aviv

Posted on Mar. 10, 2016, at 11:32 am

“Give me 1 kilo of jeans, 800 grams of silk shirts and 2 kilos of patterned sweaters” This is the kind of sentence you could say in these places. Whether you want to buy it by the kilo or just as in any other clothing store, second-hand clothes are coming back to Tel Aviv, making all the deep fashionistas happy. Here is our selection of the 5 top spots were you can bargain-hunt with no limits.



It’s one of the newest in the vintage family of the city, Buy Kilo imported a simple concept that’s already working crazy in the rest of the fashion world: it’s easy to understand, you buy your clothes by the kilo! Hunt, weigh and pay, from 100₪ to 400₪/kilo depending on the category. Whether you’re looking for designers’ brands or famous mainstream stores, you’ll find everything you need!

Buy Kilo, Sderot Yeoudit 6 and Hertz st. 93 – 03 605 5585

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