The trendiest places in Noga, the Tel Avivi Soho

The trendiest places in Noga, the Tel Avivi Soho

Posted on Dec. 14, 2015, at 10:15 am

A few days ago we unveiled the existence of Noga. Remember? The trendiest district of Tel Aviv, the Israeli Soho. Before that promoters and investors take over this location and turn it into a new Neve Tzedek, we give you our secret and authentic adresses and the best artistic places.
In this cute colorful and vibrant store, the T-shirts tell a story, each of them from a different country. Every design is the reminder of a journey. From Canada to Poland, from Japan to the Groenland, each T-shirt is tinted with the colors of a region in the world, designed by well known designers of simple students of the Shenkar College.


This small neighborhood coffee place overlooks a square that resembles Berlin and its impressive buildings. The coffee is imported from all the world and grounded on demand. The inhabitants even have their own glasses waiting for them.


This small authentic boutique is a family business. At the beginning it was only the mum’s studio, but this creativity insanity reached quickly the dad and the daughter. Drawings, textiles and jewels are everywhere from the ground to the walls. Don’t be surprised if you see someone creating a piece of art on the floor when entering.


We literally melted for their savory financiers. This small boutique with a refined and nordic design, offers a bakery for a great moment of gastronomy. Take a few minutes to appreciate their french pieces of happiness.
If you have a green thumb, you can’t miss this place. It is a heaven dedicated to plants and gardening tools, it is the most Green Friendly store of Noga. As soon as you get in, the smell of fresh herbs tickles your nose, and your eyes are attracted by all the crafty tools they are selling to make your garden lovely.
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