The Story of London Square

The Story of London Square

Posted on Jun. 10, 2015, at 05:32 pm

Borker Tov from the little known London Square museum-park overlooking Bograshov Beach; a discreet little square filled with Zionist history.‪

#DidYouKnow?: This place is mostly known for having a McDonald’s franchise with a sea view, andtravelled by thousands of ramblers every day to access the beach when coming from Bograshov Street.  However, it’s actually a memorial of Tel Aviv‘s story

►Inaugurated in 1942 by Yehuda Rokach, the mayor at the time, this landmark was named the “London Square” as a tribute to the brave residents of the capital city of England, who were under the Nazi bombing runs at the time.

► During that very same period, boats full of Jewish refugees fleeing the conflict, in Europe, to the promised land were tracked by the British authorities, bent on stopping “Jewish immigration to Palestine”.

►Today, a new memorial space remains next to it; it’s a boat erected to remind us of the heroic Jews who risked their lives in attempting to slip through the British naval blockade, in order to settle down and build the Zionist dream.

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A mythic place in Tel Aviv