The secret trendy district of Tel Aviv

The secret trendy district of Tel Aviv

Posted on Sep. 17, 2015, at 10:07 am

In New York you have « Soho », in Paris « le Marais » and in London « Nothing Hill » is a must see. In Tel Aviv which district it the trendiest one? If you answer Neve Tsedek you’re a war too late. If you think Florentin, you’re a couple years ahead. Today, you need to go a little more south, in a district between Tel Aviv and Yafo where artists, famous people and designers all live together; this creative bubble is named Noga.

All the real estate brokers agree on one thing: the south of Tel Aviv is about to be experience a boom like no others. However, you’ve noticed it the experts talk about this for the future, but we show you the fascinating present moment.

Low rents, close to the center of the city and full of artistic history, Noga is the perfect place for young talented artists and designers that could resist it charms and already established their shops and galleries. Don’t be surprised if the small, easy-to-walk-around district is a little noisy too, behind the doors of the little shops you will often find the source of all creation: the artists studios.

What gives all the delicacy of this district half renovated is actually it’s architecture that allows you to travel. For exemple, take a coffee on Sgula Street and you’ll feel like drinking it in Berlin’s streets made of stones.

But it’s actually while wandering on Nehama Street that you will understand how this small village is unique.

You’ll find there a beautiful and old-school bell tower that makes you feel back a couple decades ago. The houses made of wood from the U.S. and the evangelistic Lutheran church reminds us of the past of this district that used to be an American colony before being one of the german Templar at the end of the 18th century.

The church, seems to have been dropped in the middle of the village and is still in service to remind us how open and diverse is Tel Aviv.

Now you know that if you want to discover the most artistic and avant-garde parts of Tel Aviv, you need to go and visit Noga. It’s mix of creativity and history will take you on a special trip.

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A creativity spot in the south of Tel Aviv