The ring road of Tel Aviv soon occupied by a park

The ring road of Tel Aviv soon occupied by a park

Posted on Jul. 18, 2016, at 09:00 am

[UPDATE – 17/07/2016] Finally, budgets have been allocated and the project can begin. The city of Tel Aviv has decided to rid itself of the infamous ring road and instead, build a huge park. The project will cost $2 billion and it is the largest eco-friendly project in the history of the city. Construction will begin soon but it could take years before the project is complete.


Let’s go green all the way, greenery style in the Non Stop City. Tel Aviv will be witnessing a major ecological change in the next couple years. The ring road that goes from South to North is going to disappear and a huge park will take its place. No worries, you’ll still be able to ride, but it will be an underground road that will take you from the North to the South.

The construction hasn’t started yet but the project has got all the authorizations needed: the ring road of Tel Aviv will soon become a giant park. This project will cost a couple billion shekels and is, for now, the biggest, most challenging and expensive one that has ever been done in the country.

This park will link the closest suburbs of Tel Aviv such as Ramat Gan or Givatayim and will add some greenery to the Israeli megalopolis. This should help drastically improve the quality of the air in the city.



Cycling rails, malls and cafes will soon replace the huge traffic jams within a green and blooming park that will connect the Hayarkon Park to the soon-to-come Darom Park in the south of Tel Aviv.

This project will be a big challenge for the city since all traffic should be able to continue until the end of the construction.

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