The pollution expectations of the Yellow City

The pollution expectations of the Yellow City

Posted on Sep. 09, 2015, at 12:01 pm

A stuffy atmosphere with a stifling pollution: the elements are going wild in the city that doesn’t seem so white anymore. Since there is a good chance for your iPhone’s weather to be wrong (they forecasted a bright sunny morning … ) we spotted for you THE Israeli startup that analyzes the air and predicts very precisely pollution evolution. How long does this situation is suppose to last for ? Here is the answer of BreezoMeter!

Have you ever seen these disaster movies? You know there is always this moment at the beginning when a weather caster (usually blond and generous) announces that the worst is going to happen, but always with a large fake smile: « Good morning ladies and gentlemen! As you can observe on the map, toxic clouds of pollution are coming towards us very quickly. And obviously this is not it, you’ll have the chance to boil thanks to a terrible heatwave that will make you travel to Shanghai, without moving ». And here it comes again, the fake smile…

Let’s be a little bit serious about this, since yesterday a pollution cloud coming from Jordan and Syria (cf video) settled on the country. Thanks to their sensors and their unique technology, these Israeli geeks from BreezoMeter found a way to analyse the air in real time thanks to sensors but also any datas that could influence the pollution (wind, traffic, fire, etc…). Right now their datas show that the dust and pollution will keep on until the beginning of next week with a notation of 0/100 in their air quality scale (China has 56…)


No matter what Israelis are positive and some of them used this natural Instagram filter to post a couple pictures of the White City becoming the Yellow City.

To follow live the quality of air, download the Breezometer app on iPhone or Android.

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