A New York style rooftop

A New York style rooftop

Posted on Jun. 02, 2015, at 05:22 pm

Let us share with you the most secret and enchanting place in Tel Aviv. Scaling up a regular building, you’ll discover the greatest view of Tel Aviv, on the rooftop of the Suramare bar. You’ll be amazed by the illuminated skyline of the White City, visible clearly from the specific spot on the roof.

It’s rather secretive. You can only access it through an old parking that was turned into a museum of modern art, and what some might describe as a sketchy elevator. It’s one of the hottest spots in town for an all-nighter. This place has cocktails and a chef’s menu for a experience as elevating as this building’s rooftop itself.

With the Suramare, Tel Aviv shows us once again that she has nothing to envy of her bigger American sister, the Big Apple.

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