The most Parisian bistro of Tel Aviv

The most Parisian bistro of Tel Aviv

Posted on Nov. 18, 2015, at 08:57 am

This restaurant isn’t the newest hotspot or the oeuvre of any celebrity chef. Today we’re talking about a simple bistro that satisfies a craving for classic food. It is classic in every sense; the scene looks like it popped out of any French movie. Welcome to The Brasserie, it’s a bite of Paris in the heart of Tel Aviv. 

For 24 hours a day, this French eatery welcomes you with waiters clad in uniforms, tables neatly outfitted in white tablecloths and a menu with calligraphic headings. And yet, the dress code is casual chic, which in Tel Aviv means ‘anything goes’. It is the perfect cross between French snobbery and Tel Avivi hipsterism.


Food-wise, ‘classic’ is the name of the game. The French onion soup is the best in town and no one can ever eat just one of their super thin crunchy French fries. Also on the menu: steak tartars, fish “menuiere” and nicoise salad. It’s all French comfort food, or maybe the comforting part is simply that you feel like you’re in Paris for dinner.


And for the dessert-driven diners, Brasserie will not disappoint. The chocolate profiteroles, fruit tarts or vanilla millefeuille are all equally tempting options.


You probably understood that this place, The Brasserie, is our piece of heaven when we miss the taste of Paris.

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