The 8 most luxurious getaways less than 2 hours from Tel Aviv

The 8 most luxurious getaways less than 2 hours from Tel Aviv

Posted on Aug. 04, 2016, at 10:00 am

Tel Aviv, we love you and all your brilliance, beauty and breathtaking views but we have to tell you the truth: we cheated on you. Hear us out: Akko is more ancient, Herzliya has more bling, Haifa is more laidback and Jerusalem is more artistic. So it’s true; we searched all of Israel to find the 7 dream hotels that will make you jealous. We spent a night in the palace of a Sultan. We woke up on a hill overlooking the Mediterranean. And we had our morning coffee inside a 9th century chapel. The possibilities for a perfect getaway are endless. We were treated like royalty and slept like kings; now it’s time for you to show us what we’re missing. So if you would like to join us for a luxurious getaway, here are our favorite addresses for your next weekend retreat. 


Palace n.: the official residence of a sovereign, archbishop, bishop, or other exalted person. Now what if we told you that for a night or two, this could be you? Slip into one of the 12 rooms in this palace, with ceilings decorated in elaborate frescoes where the walls whisper the most intimate secrets of the Ottoman sultans.


Marvel at the stunning view of the old city of Akko from beneath your light-stricken windowsill or among the spacious balconies coated in marble floors. From your lookout, you will see the curling minarets; an image that will make you feel like you’re overlooking Istanbul.


In addition to the local flavors prepared in a rather royal way, breakfast is served in an old 20th century chapel where remnants of the crucifix remain. Time travel is never quite complete at the Hotel Efendi. Enjoy a relaxing massage in Turkish baths dating back over 400 years (yes, they’ve been renovated) and start your evening in a wine cellar whose stones expect blows from Templar swords and whose walls have felt the breaths of the Crusaders.

And when the sun has faded and your appetite has escalated, cross a few thousand dimly lit streets colored in an earthy ocher and find yourself at the port, a place humanity cannot forget. Here, you have the opportunity to embark on a legendary (and delicious) culinary journey at the Uri Buri restaurant. Indulge in sea bass drizzled in balsamic dressing and hints of rosemary or salmon sashimi with a pinch of wasabi ice cream. It is these dishes, among many others, that have made it the country’s best restaurant. 

Once you return back to your palace and lay your eyes on the Mediterranean, you will understand how a visit to the holy Akko is never just a vacation but a memorable journey. 


Louis IX St. P.O.B 2503, Old Acre




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