TYO the Japanese gourmet restaurant of Tel Aviv

TYO the Japanese gourmet restaurant of Tel Aviv

Posted on Feb. 04, 2016, at 09:28 am

Forget everything you know about sushi joints in Tel Aviv, the one we are unveiling today has no equal to anything you’ve seen in this city. It takes a Michelin star chef and a lounge atmosphere to make TYO a one of a kind experience. Welcome to the perfect mix between Asian cuisine and a gourmet restaurant scene.

TYO is located in a renovated building and doesn’t look at all like the dozens of sushi places that opened in the last couple of years in Tel Aviv. It was created like a lounge bar with a paired down yet refined design. As soon as you enter this place you find yourself in a zen and urban cocoon dedicated to the finest of Japanese food.


When we met the chef, we understood the food! The person who creates the Asian delicacies of TYO is the famous Sushi chef, Yama Sun, who started his experience in the very trendy and tasty Marimoto sushi Bar in New York City.


He offers a menu inspired from traditional Japanese cuisine with an irreplaceable personal touch!

We recommend you taste the sushi with foie gras and black tobiko or the TYO style pizza with red tuna, grilled garlic butter, cherry tomato, parmesan, chili and fresh herbs (yep, all of that on a pizza…)


To take your dinner to the next level in this cozy atmosphere, wait until 11PM, the light will go down and the music will go up.

For those with smaller budget, TYO offers business lunches with first course + main course starting at 88₪, a good reason to forget your diet!

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Between Japanese tradition and modern civilisation