The Israeli flag waves high in the winds of the Namal

The Israeli flag waves high in the winds of the Namal

Posted on Jul. 22, 2014, at 03:41 pm

In 1939, Israel’s flag was used before Israel’s official independence, waving proudly in the Port of Tel Aviv, inaugurated a couple months before by the pioneers.

namal-drapeau-eng#DidYouKnow?: The Port of Tel Aviv opened up on February 23, 1938, and was used until 1965 when it was closed due to relocation of port activity to Ashdod.

Nowadays, it’s become a leisure hot-spot, more commonly known by its Hebrew name “Namal Tel Aviv” and one of the touristic place of the city. It welcomes more than 4.3 million visitors each year.

A grand renovation program is expected to turn it into the “Time Square of Tel Aviv.” The nation’s first Ferris Wheel is set to open for visitors within a two-year time frame. The wheel should provide the visitors with a breath-taking, 360-degree view that will include the hypnotizing, reflecting, natural blue of the Mediterranean Sea to the West and the historicity of the Judean hills to the East.

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