The indoor fresh market

The indoor fresh market

Posted on Aug. 27, 2015, at 12:27 pm

Discover a new way of shopping for Shabbat diner.

For those that want buy fresh produce without the smells, noise and crowds of an outdoor shuk, this one’s for you. Shuk Hanamal is organized, gourmet and, of course, indoors. Located in the port of Tel Aviv, this place is a cross between a shuk and a delicatessen, an ideal compromise if you’re not in the mood for hackling.

There’s a fine selection of cheeses, wines and charcuterie, all of which can be enjoyed on-site or at home. Some of the vendors offer platters that go well with glasses of wine. If you’re appetite can’t be quelled with just a nosh, we highly recommend the authentic, New York style deli sandwiches or the homemade pasta bar.

Fruits and vegetables
Deli (Kosher)
Cheese shop
Honey, Halva, Tahini (made in Israel)
Freshly-squeezed orange juice

Italian and Spanish products
Cooking utensils

Italian cafe
Fresh pasta
Gourmet sandwiches
Kitchen market

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The Shuk Hanamal