The Great Sephardic Synagogue of Tel Aviv

The Great Sephardic Synagogue of Tel Aviv

Posted on Sep. 11, 2015, at 05:06 am

Although Tel Aviv and synagogues seem like an unlikely pair, it doesn’t mean that Tel Aviv can’t be a spiritual city. Dozens of religious centers surround Tel Aviv. With the Tichri celebrations coming up, come and visit one of the oldest and most beautiful synagogues of Tel Aviv. 

The synagogue Ohel Moed was financed by two wealthy Yemenites who were preparing to make Alyah. It was built the same year as the first Ashkenazi synagogue of the city and is now considered the Great Sephardic Synagogue of Tel Aviv.

Nestled on sand dunes that later became part of Rothschild Boulevard, the architect, Joseph Oberlin, was inspired by Art Deco and Bauhaus architecture, styles that were staples of that period.

The inside is adorned with with mystic symbols scaled with the golden ratio below a mesmerizing dome that covers the sanctuary. It is decorated with 15 rows, a symbol of the 15 degrees of the Old Temple.

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The Ohel Moed Synagogue