Everything you need to know about the futur subway of Tel Aviv

Everything you need to know about the futur subway of Tel Aviv

Posted on Dec. 02, 2015, at 07:22 am

Nothing can stop Tel Aviv. Since a couple weeks a grand construction project will go underway, and change the face of the whole metropolitan area for good. This week the revolution as came to a step forward with some major breakthroughs.

It’s hard to imagine it now but the subway will have six lines connecting all the cities of Tel Aviv’s metropolitan area (Gush Dan).

Most of the transportation routes will be above ground, but this hybrid train will go through Tel Aviv underground, acting as a metro. In Tel Aviv, the subway will stop at stations such as Arlozorov, Karlibach, Shaul Hamelech and even Allenby Street.


The first digging for the red line (referred upper) started in Bnei Brak, a suburb of Tel Aviv a couple weeks ago, and came all the way to Tel Aviv yesterday, next to Azrieli. The green line, the second one that will go through Tel Aviv just got accepted by the municipality and we be built soon.


The construction just begins and will continue for the next five to seven years. Even if the City and the company in charge did their best in making sure everything will be done smoothly for the inhabitants of the city, the constructions come with huge traffic jams.


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