UPDATE - The great maritime race was postpone because of the wind

UPDATE - The great maritime race was postpone because of the wind

Posted on Apr. 25, 2016, at 09:50 am

[UPDATE 28.04.2016] Because of the violent wind that blows along the seaside of Tel Aviv, the great maritime race is postpone till Saturday morning 11.30am


This story should be fresh in your head! Do you remember this part in the Hagada where Moise split up the sea in order for the Hebrews to get out of Egypt? Well, the water idea inspired the Municipality of the White City. During the week of Hol Hamoed, activities were set up for everyone to discover nautical sports.

Yachts, Kayaks, surfers or even classic swimmers will meet up this week along the beaches of Tel Aviv for an amazing event: the biggest water festival of Israel. Competitions and workshop will be offered to visitors that will discover everything the sea and the beach have to offer all year long.


In order to take advantage of a once in a lifetime show in Israel and try out all the water activities, let’s meet on April 28th at the Port of Tel Aviv. Hundreds of boats and maritime devices will sail from the north till the Port of Yafo. The Show should as impressive as it sounds.


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