Tel Aviv, worldwide city for vegans

Tel Aviv, worldwide city for vegans

Posted on Feb. 18, 2016, at 09:44 am

We all know that Tel Aviv is a world-famous foodie city, but here’s something you might not know: Conde Nast Traveler magazine just named the Non Stop City the best city in the world for vegans! Over 5% of Israelis eat a strictly vegan diet, meaning they don’t eat any food derived from animals (meat, fish, milk, eggs, etc). Israel is the official vegan pioneer, with the highest vegans per capita in the world. Our mission today is to show you that, contrary to basic belief, a vegan diet is about more than just tofu and salads. So, here is our selection of the 8 trendiest vegan spots in Tel Aviv.



In the heart of Shuk Levinsky, deep into the city’s spice market, Bar Kayma serves a wholesome and humble ideology: healthy food makes a healthy body. It’s small locale sits 35 hungry humans, and churns out salads and grilled veggies on the daily. Surprise yourself and order the hamburger, you won’t even realize it is 100% vegan.

Bar Kayma

 22 Hamashbir st. 

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