Everything you can have thanks to the Digitel card

Everything you can have thanks to the Digitel card

Posted on Nov. 06, 2014, at 03:09 pm

The city of the future is already here, right in Tel Aviv. After Rio de Janeiro last year, Tel Aviv has been awarded the “Smartest City” title in the world at the SmartCity Expo in Barcelona.

The secret? a small electronic card, called DigiTel, each resident of Tel Aviv can receive for free that links them to a variety of personalized and interconnected services.

Administrative followup, discounts to your favorite events or even geolocation – this system, a pioneer of its kind in the world, shapes municipality 2.0 of tomorrow.

Every week the Digitel card owners receive invitations for Yoga and Zumba classes on the rooftop of the Municipality of Tel Aviv (We promise you a breath-taking view).


How to get it? 

Go to the DigiTel booth of the Tel Aviv municipality with your I.D. Upon completion of registration, you should expect receive the DigiTel card within a few days at your residence, so you can take full advantage of the SmartCity life.

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