Tel Aviv shows up in Paris

Tel Aviv shows up in Paris

Posted on Aug. 09, 2015, at 01:28 pm

Which city in the world represents best vacations, beaches and parties in the same time ? Well, the municipality of Paris didn’t spend too much time thinking of that and chose Tel Aviv as the honored city during its summer must see : Paris Plage.

#DidYouKnow? : Every year in Paris, during August, the quais are shut down for cars and turn into a beach, a way to enjoy the south of France when you’re working all summer !

This year the tradition keeps on and Tel Aviv will be THE city honored for a magical day. If you chose Paris instead of Tel Aviv this year, and you’re already wondering how you will be able to cope a whole summer without Tel Avivi spirit, this event is for you. The Non Stop City follows you wherever you go ! Find your way to « Paris Plage » and enjoy a day just as you would have in the White City. We spoke with Lionel Choukroun, Director of L’Agence Culturelle, who gives us all the secret details of the amazing day in Paris. : Hi Lionel. Thanks a lot for answering our questions. Tell us briefly what is Tel Aviv sur Seine.

Lionel : With the Paris Plage program, Tel Aviv sur Seine is a whole day dedicated to Tel Aviv, its culture and its Lifestyle. Matkot* (Israeli beach racket game), musique and food from the White City will give the tempo of the quais of Paris from Arcole Bridge to Notre Dame Bridge starting at 10am. It’s a cultural and festive day opened to Parisian and Tourists just like Paris and Tel Aviv are used to do !

credits-photo-paris-shanghai-fashion-com : Where did you get the idea of such an event from ?

Lionel : When the Mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo visited Tel Aviv last May, the idea started to grow. She discussed it with the Mayor of Tel Aviv, Ron Huldai and they decided together to create this day in order to celebrate the longterm friendship between the 2 cities. Since I know really well theses to cities, I was asked to take care of the organization, which I do gladly. : We heard a couple actions in France against this event. Are you thinking of canceling it ?

Lionel : Some are against this day but I’m going to be really clear on one thing : canceling is not an option. The police prefecture nows about it since a couple weeks and all the security needed will be deployed.

11111065_938787019515531_7246922025554673116_o : Let’s come back to this exciting initiative. A part from the classic mattresses and the sand from Tel Aviv seaside, what will be offered to visiters in order for them to travel through the Non Stop City ?

Lionel : Tel Aviv is one of the most progressive and open minded on the world where sport and nightlife is part of the daily life. In Tel Aviv sur Seine, that is exactly what we want to show through fitness classes, contests to win israeli products and a concert from the Israeli artist Coral. She’s a young and talented singer, with a great vibe. One of her songs is actually called « Je voyage* » (I travel). What could be better for this occasion ? : For all the gourmets like us, we’ve heard that israeli dished will be offered. Can yout tell us some of the delights will find there ?

Lionel : The delicious israeli gastronomy will be celebrated too through a Food Truck where reinvented israeli dishes will be cooked on site. Mediterranean burgers, watermelon Gaspachos and obviously the must eat Houmus and Tehina will help the visitors and their taste buts to travel. : Will the visitors will have the chance to test typical parties of the Non Stop City ?

Lionel : Creating an event about Tel Aviv without partying wouldn’t make any sense. All day long, a DJ will ensure the rythme of the river side and starting at 7pm a more festive atmosphere will be offered to the visitors. : So one thing is left to do, come and party on Thursday 13th in order to be Happy in Tel Aviv even in Paris. Thank you Lionel for answering our questions.


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Interview of the producer of the event
Starting at 10am on the quais of the Seine (in between Arcole Bridge and Notre Dane Bridge)