Samsung launched a video game taking place in a Tel Aviv set

Samsung launched a video game taking place in a Tel Aviv set

Posted on Feb. 12, 2017, at 08:59 am

Only a couple weeks before Tel Aviv Marathon, Samsung is going all in to prepare the scene. The electronics Korean group is already the official sponsor of the run since a few years, but this time they decided to innovate by launching an online game with a very special set: the White City!

This video game, inspired from the famous Super Mario created by Nintendo, stars a marathon runner that has to collect golden coins in the streets of Tel Aviv.

This limited edition computer game is not only a fun way to advertise the run happening on February 24th, it’s mostly a charity fundraising. Actually, the players that make it through the game, avoiding the obstacles and getting to the finish line, will have their collected coins turned into shekels and automatically donated to selected Israeli associations.


Click on the image to start playing

A very nice initiative from Samsung that opened in Israel in the 2000s, the first center of research and development of the group outside of South Korea.

Tel Aviv Samsung Marathon will start on Friday February 24th 2017 from Hayarkon park. Different length are offered from 5km to 42km run. For more info or registration click on the website of the event.

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