Be a part of the operation #HOPE4ADAM taking place this week in Tel Aviv

Be a part of the operation #HOPE4ADAM taking place this week in Tel Aviv

Posted on Sep. 25, 2016, at 10:12 am

Swabbing the inside of the mouth is all it takes! 3 minutes and you could save a life this year. It sounds like nothing, yet Adam’s life is only attached to a swab. Adam has been diagnosed with a very agressive blood cancer and he’s now looking for the one who could save his life. Following many actions in the US and the rest of the world, it’s time for Tel Aviv to gather as one for Adam Krief, 31 years old father of 3 and Adam Gonom who’s only 2 years old. It only takes a swab for you to maybe save their lives. 


How long does it take to save a life? 3 minutes only! The time for a simple swabbing that you can do easily on September 28th, in many public places in Tel Aviv (Dizengoff Center, Azrieli Center and Ramat Aviv Mall) and in dozens of other city in Israel. If you are compatible with one of the 2 Adam, it will only take a special blood donation to save him. Painless and quick, your gesture could change the destiny of a whole family.

The operation #Hope4Adam will take place on September 28th from 10AM to 10PM in around 60 public places all over Israel. Find out all the places to get swabbed by clicking on the map bellow!


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