Tel Aviv welcomes the first Cognac Festival to Israel

Tel Aviv welcomes the first Cognac Festival to Israel

Posted on Feb. 23, 2017, at 08:50 am

Festivals always lend their tempo to Tel Aviv-Yafo, but this one is putting on a never before seen show. Its name is XoXo and for the first time in Israel it’s bringing the best French Cognac producers inside an art gallery to delight the Non Stop City.

Did you know Cognac is actually distilled white wine? And that if exposed too long to sunlight it tastes a little like… melon? Maybe it’s time for you to meet this high class alcohol, the champagne of brandy, named after the French eponymous region. Well you’re lucky, this week it will be honored during a dedicated festival in Yafo City. Tastings of the best Cognacs and discovery of its unique, mysterious universe are the best way to warm up the end of winter.


We already know there will be some jealous people because we kept some invites – and they could be for you!


Congrats to Ryan Daniels, who wins the contest Cognac Festival XoXo. For the others, you have until tomorrow noon to buy pre-sales tickets online.

XoXo Cognac Exhibition, is taking place on March 1st and March 2nd at Lawrence Galery, 18 Hatsorfim St., in Yafo. To book your tickets click on the events website, pre-sales cost 110₪ (instead of 135₪ at the door). Each ticket gives access to the festival + 3 coupons for Cognac tasting. Dress Code: dress to impress.

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