TEDxWhiteCity: we invite you to the most inspiring conference of Tel Aviv

TEDxWhiteCity: we invite you to the most inspiring conference of Tel Aviv

Posted on Jan. 09, 2017, at 08:14 am

It’s here that the Macintosh and Photoshop were unveiled for the first time to the public. It’s also here that an Indian engineer proved the existence of the sixth sense. Bill Clinton, Philippe Stark and even Shimon Peres, TED welcomed hundreds of inspiring famous speakers that, in their own way, changed the world… within 18 minutes!

Visionaries, genius creators and rising artists compose the exciting cast that awaits you at the 2nd edition TEDxWhiteCity in Tel Aviv. Each presenter will have between 3 to 18 minutes to play with the audience’s brains and transform the way the public thinks.

tedxbern-51Take for example Ori Sasson, the Israeli Judoka that won a bronze medal at the Rio Games. Or Dr. Tom Ran, who was involved in building a microcomputer to identify cancer cells in their preliminary stages. Each presenter was selected to inspire you to achieve greatness in this new year.

TEDxWhiteCity will take place on January 25, 2017 from 9:30AM at the Tel Aviv Opera House. Benefit from 10% discount on your entry ticket using the code ‘TEDxHappyInTLV’ on the event’s online booking site (found here).


Congrats to Marie-Sarah Seeberger who won 2 free tickets to the TEDxWhiteCity conference taking place on January 25th in Tel Aviv.

For all the others, don’t forget that we’ve got your back with a 10% discount off your tickets thanks to the promo code TEDxHappyInTLV on the booking platform.

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