Florentin + old building + radio station + trendy restaurant = perfect place

Florentin + old building + radio station + trendy restaurant = perfect place

Posted on Jan. 05, 2017, at 09:10 am

To be honest, we came all the way to this place for its restaurant hiding on the first floor of the building. But as soon as we stepped through the door, our eyes started twinkling and we understood that that spot was not only interesting but actually amazing.

Ok, the lights hanging around might have helped our eyes glow, but it’s definitely not what pulled up the show. This spot is more than a spot, it’s a mix of atmospheres that gives the perfect flow. First of all, there is an outdoor space, where Hipsters and after-workers drink beers together. Then, when you turn around the path and you’ll end up into a small, secret and rock concert venue, where tattoos are always paired with stylish shoes. Here everything is thought to be perfectly simple, lively… and that drove us crazy!

Le repères de tous les Hipsters - Crédit : Ariel Efron Photography

The most surprising part here is Teder, the famous radio station that put all of this together, and that shares its studio with a pizza maker! And not just any pizzas, the ones of Eyal Shani, the king of street food in the Non Stop City.

Teder x American Apparel

But the story doesn’t end here, this building shelters some more secrets around the corner. For exemple, a super trendy vinyl records store opened hidden at the end of a corridor. There are also the oldest textile shops of the city, established here long ago, giving to the space some even more authentic taste.

© Ariel Efron Photography

Wait a second, didn’t we told you we actually came for the restaurant located on the first floor? Well, we’ll let you to climb up the steps. For ourselves, we’re going to grab some chairs and hang out a little longer downstairs.

Teder Beit Romano, located on Jaffa Road 9, is open from Monday to Friday starting at 8PM and on Saturdays starting at 4PM.


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