A new gigantic project to be built on the Tayelet

A new gigantic project to be built on the Tayelet

Posted on Apr. 25, 2017, at 08:30 am

We’ve got to tell you the truth about something: there is one place that we can’t stand in Tel Aviv, Kikar Atarim. You might not know its name but you’ve seen its shame! It’s the square overtaking the marina and the Tayelet with its broken ground and its unbearable design. Well, things are going to change since the city has decided to wipe it off the map (common Iranian expression that makes sense here). You’ll find below what they are planning to do with it and anything you need to know.

It’s a huge project that will start in front of the Mediterranean see. The municipality of Tel Aviv approved the destruction of Kikar Atarim. This is the splendid square that shelters, among other marvels, the Pussycat, the most famous strip club in town. Instead of it, they are planning a new project worth a billion shekels, with a couple hotels, a mall and some apartments.

The icing on the cake is that the architect’s office Foster & Partners (the one that designed one of the most famous tower in London known as the “The Gherkin”) is going to take care of the project.


It feels like the city wants to make up for 40 years of shame and this time it might bring us fame!

[UPDATE 23.04.2017] The municipality of Tel Aviv just started demolishing the giant concrete mushrooms of Kikar Atarim because of a pending collapse danger. The renovation work won’t start before another several months.

Credit : Tel Aviv Municipality

Credit: Tel Aviv Municipality

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