Take a tour through Madonna's penthouse

Take a tour through Madonna's penthouse

Posted on Mar. 22, 2015, at 10:11 am

From Tel Aviv to Beverly Hills, this is the real estate deal everyone is gossiping about. Madonna, the one and only Queen of Pop, might have bought a second residence, on Rothschild Boulevard, adding to her already impressive collection of properties. Look around you’re while eating your pancakes at Benedict’s, Madonna might be right next to you in the booth.

Obviously we are talking about a very simple, down-to-earth appartement, just like her: a gigantic penthouse that only costs $55 million, with, needless to say, a sea view, in the most expensive tour of Tel Aviv.
Since you most likely will never be invited for a drink, we offer you a tour, just for fun.

SHHHHHH!! We’ve heard Natalie Portman could do the same soon, in the exact same tower in the heart of the White City. Until then, if she looks for a vacation rental, just to visit, we at Happy in Tel Aviv will be happy take care of that.

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