Street Art | Tribute to eggplants

Street Art | Tribute to eggplants

Posted on Sep. 21, 2015, at 08:47 am

They are colorful, enigmatic and artistic; they are eggplants, and they are part of Tel Aviv’s Street Art, signed by EPK. They are hidden all over the city and you’ve probably spotted some already, but do you know who’s behind this eggplant invasion? 

EPK – Eggplant Kid draws eggplants around the White City, but no one really knows who he is exactly.

We heard the most delirious rumors about this nutrition artist. For some, he’s a Russian billionaire that travels to Tel Aviv occasionally, for others, on the contrary he’s a homeless Tel Avivi who spends his life coloring the city.

What about you? Do you know who dons the mask of the eggplant art vigilante? If you have an idea, and even some pictures don’t hesitate to contact us:

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The nutritionist street artist of Tel Aviv