14 Israeli startups that will leave a mark on Israel's 69th birthday

14 Israeli startups that will leave a mark on Israel's 69th birthday

Posted on May. 02, 2017, at 10:25 am


Tempdrop wearable device tracks changes in a woman’s basal temperature to help predict ovulation. While she sleeps, the device collects thousands of data points on body temperature and motion. When removed, it automatically syncs with any smartphone fertility app. The company, based in Ra’anana, is making its first shipments shortly.


Tempdrop allows to calculate the ovulation date.  Photo: courtesy



ContinUse Biometrics is gaining traction in the medical arena for its single-sensor platform that detects nanoscale movements in fully dressed people at any angle, enabling non-contact measurement of heartbeat, blood pressure, breathing pace, glucose level, oxygen saturation and blood-alcohol levels. Newborn intensive care units, sleep labs and telemedicine providers are among those interested in the platform. The first products from this Tel Aviv company are going to market by the second half of 2017.


ContinUse allows to do physiological analysis without any contac. Photo: www.lecese.fr


13. TSD

TSD (Tethys Solar Desalination) of Tel Aviv plans to disrupt the desalination industry with a low-cost, off-grid, scalable and environmentally friendly module using only solar power. The first TSD pilot site will be established in Israel by mid-2017, followed by possible pilots in countries including China and the United States.

First pilote of the Low Cost desalination system. Photo: courtesy



Sling equips “micro merchants” (such as flea-market vendors, home businesses, caregivers and tutors) with wristbands, tags, pins and stickers that customers can scan with a smartphone app to make a mobile payment within seconds. Acquired by Brazilian micro-credit company Avante last July, Sling is set for global growth in 2017, particularly in South America, Africa and India.


Article based on the website Israel21C

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