The top 5 weirdest trees in Tel Aviv

The top 5 weirdest trees in Tel Aviv

Posted on Feb. 10, 2017, at 11:22 am

Tel Aviv is known to be a very eco-friendly city but in 1909 when she was created on top of sand dunes along the Mediterranean sea, it was not that obvious. More than 100 years after, the one that we call the Middle-Eastern New York has grow up to be full skyscrapers but always taking into account the nature around. To prove it to you and in the mean time honor Tu Bishvat, the holiday dedicated to them, here is a selection of the 5 weirdest tree of the city (just for you to know, Tel Aviv owns 220 000 trees…)



On the top of Essa Kadmouni St. in Kfar Shalem district (south of Tel Aviv), this tree, part of the Ziziphus family, has sculpted itself just as a cabinetmaker would have done with it.

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