Sarona Market, a temple for all gourmets

Sarona Market, a temple for all gourmets

Posted on Dec. 28, 2015, at 08:01 am

[UPDATE | 24.06.2016] – Until June 30th 2016, Sarona Market is celebrating its 1st year anniversary with a 25% discount off the entire market, excepted the restaurants.


The holy of holies for gourmet-lovers now has a name and an address. It’s the Sarona Market. This 8700 m2 facility shelters more than 91 restaurants and culinary stores, and by that, becomes the largest gourmet center in Israel.

Located in the historical neighborhood of Sarona, an old settlement of German Templars that remains from the 19th century, Sarona Market received its inspiration from the most prestigious gourmet markets in the world, such as the Borough Market in London or the American Chelsea Market.

Sarona Market showcases the best of worldwide gastronomy, in a unique place where Abu Hassan, the best Hummus of Yafo stands confidently alongside the Parisian Fauchon.


Other restaurants and stores dedicated to Asian, American and quite obviously Israeli culinary products come up to perfect this delicious and savory creation.



OvGYcaxe0gg1MARINADO > Go there when you’re really craving something tasty. Roy Tavor and Itamar Kandlick, two animal farmers from the Golan, offer a menu where meat is all you eat.


XhExy1hv0gg1FISHBAR > Fresh and quality food is its lifeblood. Udi Bechor, a man who sells the fish, works here with the Chef Harel Bello to present you FishBar, a restaurant dedicated to the best that comes out of the sea.


wvG3mE9D0gg1TIGER LILLY > Travel to Bangkok, just for one dinner date in this restaurant, where the chef, Yanir Greenm serves contemporary Thaï food.


0JykU6px0gg1RAMEN Bar by Aharoni > One of the most famous chefs of Israel reinvents the Asian cuisine around noodles, salads and tapas.


fCCg6ahe0gg1BASHER FROMAGERIE > Eli Basher offers more than 1200 cheeses in this place dedicated to European delicacies.


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