The 5 most romantic restaurants of Tel Aviv

The 5 most romantic restaurants of Tel Aviv

Posted on Aug. 04, 2017, at 09:27 am

We’ve already proven you here that Tel Aviv is easily as romantic as Paris or Venice. To honor Tu Beav, the Israeli Valentine’s Day, we added it all up and deliver you the six restaurants in which you would like to share a meal only with your loved one. We are sure you will thank us.


Are you in for a dinner at the first Whiskey Museum of Israel? Discreet, opulent, hidden. Here no one will overhear your conversations… mixed along with jazz and whiskey bottle music.

Why is it so deep? Well because you are a few dozen meters underground, in a cave dug by the Templars during the 19th century – the first wine cave of Israel. Today wines have been exchanged for 1000 different whiskeys selected from everywhere in the world, served along refined dishes.

Whiskey Bar & Museum

Kosher – Hashgaha Pratit Rav Aharon Leibowitz

27 David Elazar st., Sarona Tel Aviv

03 955110

Site internet


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