Beit Romano: Eyal Shani’s Hottest Spot

Beit Romano: Eyal Shani’s Hottest Spot

Posted on Jan. 05, 2017, at 10:57 am

The trendiest place with the most supreme taste. Eyal Shani, the culinary genius behind Miznon and the master chef in the kitchen of Romano, produces an authentic atmosphere combining the old Tel Aviv and delicious cuisine with some Eastern bling

Located in the south of the city, just steps from Rothschild Boulevard, Romano is something different. Hidden on the first floor of a mythical building in the city, Romano has raw, eclectic architecture that invites you on an unpredictable journey. After Miznon, Port Said and the captivating Salon, Eyal Shani offers you Romano, a unique place for a night in Tel Aviv.


Eyal Shani’s level of gastronomy speaks for itself as a work of edible art on every plate. Foccacia alongside eggplant and steak or fish casserole, all dishes are made fresh and only a butcher can truly appreciate the extraordinary techniques used in creating these scrumptious masterpieces. Shoutout to Romano for “The best fries in the world,” as quoted by Eyal Shani himself, that have a crispy texture and addictive flavor.


Clearly, you understand that this is a gourmet favorite. So to avoid unpleasant surprises, plan to get there early in the evening and put your name down at the entrance. Or, a new luxury, call in advance to make a reservation so you can skip the long lines that we all despise. In the meantime, order a drink at the bar (the honorary waiting room) and wait patiently for an unforgettable eating experiences.

Beit Romano is located Derech Yafo 9 and is open from Monday to Saturday from 6PM to 3AM. You can book a table by calling this number 054-3177051 from 12PM to 8PM.

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