#RIP David Bowie - the images of his 1996 concert in Tel Aviv

#RIP David Bowie - the images of his 1996 concert in Tel Aviv

Posted on Jan. 11, 2016, at 04:13 pm

This is the top information on newspapers and social networks today: David Bowie, the British Pop Legend, passed away this morning. Only two days ago the singer celebrated his 69th birthday by releasing his 26th album named Blackstar. The one called Ziggy succumbed after 18 months of cancer fighting. He performed once in Tel Aviv on July 3rd 1996 and set the Hayarkon park on fire. The Israeli fans were overexcited and decided to honor their pop idol starting tonight.

It was already 20 years ago. David Bowie came for the first time in Israel for a one of a kind unique concert.

He said he was not afraid of the security problems that were happening at this time and gave a gigantic show in front of thousands of fans gathered in the middle of the Hayarkon Park.

Messages of all kinds are flooding social networks to honor him and a live tribute will occur tonight in Tel Aviv. The Loulou Bar will be hosting a special night dedicated to his music and his talent.

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